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Why it’s worth cutting mortgage costs via cheaper loan

Amy Mylius has saved more than $1000 a month in loan costs on her two investment properties by switching to a new lender after her repayments crept up by more than 100 basis points in 12 months. Mylius, from the inner Melbourne suburb of Fitzroy, watched her rates slowing rising to more than 5 per […]

Which workers will benefit most from $140 billion income tax plan

Voters in Labor-held seats will be some of the biggest beneficiaries of the Turnbull government’s income tax overhaul, according to new data which also reveals which workers will benefit most from the $140 billion plan. Analysis shows residents of the federal electorate of Sydney, held by deputy Labor leader Tanya Plibersek, Melbourne Ports, held by […]

2018 Federal Budget

Following the release of the 2018 Federal Budget, there’s a lot of information to digest. To help with this, we’ve unpacked the budget’s key themes and put them in one location where you can find the main take-outs, including for healthcare, business, child care, employment, plus much more. How the budget will impact you Agriculture […]

Mortgage offset accounts can leave you worse off

Sharp marketing on some mortgage offset accounts means homeowners need to be on their toes. Lenders know most people who have heard of offset accounts think they are always a good idea. And when they sign-up for a mortgage with a lender, many home buyers are likely to tick the box for the offset account […]

Homeowners find properties in path of future rail, road projects

The owners of about 400 homes in outer parts of Sydney face the prospect of acquisition in coming years after the state government released plans to reserve corridors for four major rail and road projects, including a train line to the new airport at Badgerys Creek. A further 800 properties – about 160 of which are […]

Where Sydney homes get a subsidy and by how much

“Nasty” first homebuyers grants have led to higher prices in western Sydney with most of the scheme’s benefits flowing to homeowners, experts say. Since 2011, the NSW Government has provided more than $1 billion in assistance to first and new home buyers, including grants and stamp duty exemptions aiming to make housing more affordable. House prices have […]

Did you know you can be secretly blacklisted as a tenant?

You can be blacklisted as a renter without even knowing it. Key points: Amanda, a mother of six, had no idea she was blacklisted. This is her story Here are some ways to avoid being blacklisted How to appeal against a listing and who to contact In fact, being put on one of these tenancy databases could mean you’re […]

New year, new home loan: A guide to refinancing in 2018

Health, friendship and happiness – we assess almost every aspect of our lives in the new year, so why not re-evaluate the loans that are financing our homes? It’s easy to adopt a set and forget policy when it comes to your finances, but it could be that your home loan is lacking relevance to […]

ACCC says mortgage competition ‘less than vigorous’

ACCC chairman Rod Sims: “We do not often see the big four banks vying to offer borrowers the lowest interest rates.” Sean Davey National Australia Bank says it welcomes home loan customers calling to seek discounts to their current mortgage rates, after the competition regulator criticised the major banks for charging higher interest rates to existing […]

Could Australia be mirroring Norway’s house price reversion?

Norway’s house prices are losing ground like Australia’s, adding to concerns that economic growth will be thrown off track and that banking regulators have gone too hard. Both housing markets have started to reverse in recent months, after a period of rapid growth in house prices and mortgage debt. Housing prices fell a seasonally adjusted 0.5 per cent […]