Top reasons to refinance – Did you know?

  • Cut your interest rate!

    Have you checked your interest rate lately? A 0.5% saving on a $500,000 home loan saves you over $2,500 EVERY YEAR, that’s a free holiday every year! Check out our example below.

    Did you know? 

    If you have had your home loan for 2 years, you are an “existing” bank customer and most likely your rates are too high.

    Your current bank will almost NEVER offer you the same rates as it offers for “new” customers, even if you threaten to leave. The bank almost always would rather see you leave than offer you their lowest rate.  Sad but true.

    Your only solution? Refinance and be the “new” customer at a different bank!

  • Release equity from your property

    If your property has increased in value, you can release equity from your property to use as deposit for an investment property, for a holiday or buy a car.

    Did you know?

    For every $100,000 increase in your property price, you can release at least $80,000 in cash.  

    If you don’t use the extra $80,000, keep it in an offset account you don’t get charged interest, but it is always available for you to use anytime you wish.

  • Invest!

    Want to invest but don’t have money? Refinance your existing property to release the equity, then use the extra money as a deposit to buy an investment property or invest in shares, superannuation, etc.

  • Get our rebate!

    Reduce your interest rate AND get a rebate from us, PLUS a further rebate from the lender. It’s win win and could save you thousands every year!

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